Our Story
The Sproutd Journey

My Sproutd journey began with my love of experimenting with new, fresh ingredients in cooking. I loved eating sprouts but the busy schedule meant that I wasn't able to devote enough time to sprout on a regular basis. When I did, I was also concerned with the amount of food waste generated due to the short shelf lives of sprouts. I came up with the idea of drying the sprouts and powdering them to use them in my meals throughout the day. After researching the various benefits of different types of sprouts with our in-house dietitian, we formulated blends that are 100% natural and that offer scientifically-backed health benefits.

-Ratna Bhusal, Founder

When I first met Ratna and she talked me through her vision for Sproutd, I knew I had to be involved! Sproutd captures the three things I have a true passion for -  food, good nutrition, and the environment.


I have worked in the food, agriculture, and retail industry for two decades and one question kept coming up in my mind. How to supply the most tasty and nutritious food with the least impact on the environment? I have found Sproutd answered much of this question. My previous working experience has given me the necessary tools to help Sproutd set the foundation for a great future. From structures and corporate procedures learnt during my time at Mitsui&Co and Sainsbury's, to informal and dynamic processes learnt from individual farmers in South America. My challenge now is to pick the right tools at the right time to help Sproutd navigate its path to a successful growth!

- Luciana Vecco, Advisor

The Sproutd Difference

We are determined to ensure all our health claims stacked up which is why all our claims have been approved by a dietitian. We go above and beyond to continuously test nutritional information of our blends, research tirelessly on new ingredients and to never sell anything with fabricated claims.

We've stripped our packaging from flashy packaging and marketing buzzwords to present you with honest and proven scientific facts in all our communication channels.