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Let's Harvest Joy

Blends of sprouted seed powders created with your health in mind 

What are sprouts?

Sprouts are seeds that germinate to become young plants after a few days. Only water is required in the process of sprouting as the seeds already contain the vast majority of nutrients required for growth.


How our sprout powders are made

Once the seeds are sprouted, they are gently dried in low temperature and freeze-drying processes. This ensures that all the nutrients are retained during the drying process. The dried sprouts are then milled into fine powders to produce sprout powders. Our blends have been formulated based on nutrition testing and with the help of a qualified dietitian.


Sprout Powered Protein + Iron

Alfalfa sprouts powder has been used as the main protein source given almost 50% of its weight is protein. Unlike many other protein powders, this blend provides unprocessed, wholefood protein. No isolates!

Combine that with iron and vitamin C, and we have a truly unique protein booster blend!