Blends of sprouted seed powders created with your health in mind


What are sprouts?

Sprouts are seeds that germinate to become young plants after a few days. Only water is required in the process of sprouting as the seeds already contain the vast majority of nutrients required for growth.


Sprout powders

How our sprout powders are made

Once the seeds are sprouted, they are gently dried in low temperature or freeze-drying processes. This ensures that all the nutrients are retained during the drying process. The dried sprouts are then milled into fine powders to produce sprout powders. Our blends have been formulated based on nutrition testing and with the help of a qualified dietitian.


Our Range

Sulforaphane is a natural compound found in broccoli and kale. Broccoli sprouts has been shown to increase sulforaphane content by x10 compared to mature broccoli.


Why Sulforaphane?

  • Reduce the growth rate of certain cancer cells

  • Stimulate the immune system

  • Help reduce chronic inflammatory disease

Unflavoured wholefood protein (no isolates!) with a unique combination of Iron and Vitamin C. High in fibre to promote healthy digestion.


Why Protein+Iron?

  • The combination of protein and iron helps reduce fatigue , especially during exercise

  • Vitamin C helps with iron absorption

Source of ALA form of Omega3 which is mainly  found in plants. Cannot be made by human body so need to be sourced from foods.


Why Omega?

  • For brain function

  • Maintain healthy vision

  • Regulate immune system

An easy way to meet your daily fibre needs. More than 90% of adults are not meeting the daily recommended intake for fibre in the UK.


Why Fibre?

  • Promote gut health

  • Regulate immune system

  • Feel fuller for longer

How to use


in smoothies


on yoghurts, cereals


to soups, stews


into cakes, pancakes


in salad dressings

Why our sprout powders?

100% sprouts

no fillers or preservatives


ready to eat when you need it


formulated to be taste-neutral 


Minimally processed

dried in low temperature to retain nutrients


from breakfast smoothies to salad dressings


fully compostable packaging


—  Leyla


"The protein+iron powder is one of the most versatile products I've ever used. Being taste-neutral, I'm able to add in nearly all my meals. Such amazing service too!"

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